Advisor Positions

Through Newbridge Financial Services Group, a Registered Investment Adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Newbridge Financial, Inc., our parent company, Investment Advisor Representatives can custom-build portfolios and design financial plans based on their clients’ needs, not on proprietary products. Investment portfolios can be created by choosing from equities, fixed income, money markets, exchange traded funds (ETF), a selection of 12,000 mutual funds, and over 150 professional money managers.

Financial Plans can be implemented using the latest wealth management software simulations and cutting-edge probability analysis which can indicate its success. Program accountability features include annual return targets and quarterly reviews.

A Newbridge Securities Representative’s and a Newbridge Financial Advisor’s independence enables him or her to offer a wide range of products and services. When using a full service brokerage account, the Registered Representative and the client choose the level of service appropriate. Alternatively, the client can select a state-of-the-art asset management account with an Investment Advisor Representative in which they have the freedom and flexibility to create the optimal strategy.