Top 5 Questions

  1. Will I be able to provide my clients with the best products and services?
    • Absolutely. Newbridge Securities provides it’s Registered Representatives with access to a wide range of products and services necessary to service all their clients' investment needs. 
    • The advancements in technology enable our independent financial advisors to easily access all the resources and tools they need to service their clients. 
    • Newbridge's focus is on servicing and supporting you so that you can focus on your clients.
    • The freedom to run your business according to your clients' needs.
  2. When I change firms will my clients transfer with me?
    • You have spent years developing solid relationships with your clients. Your relationship coupled with Newbridge's size, and platform will provide your clients with the peace of mind necessary for a successful transition. 
  3. Can I afford to cover the expenses associated with my business?
    • You may be paying for many expenses now through your low payout.
    • The higher payout you will receive at Newbridge Securities should enable you to cover the costs of your business. In fact, you may increase your net payout by managing your business as you see fit rather than by relying on your firm to do it for you.
  4. Will my clients have direct access to their accounts?
    • Newbridge’s technology platform offers one-stop access for end clients to brokerage accounts, balances, quotes, market data from their personal computer, wireless device, or telephone activities.
  5. How will Newbridge help support my business?
    • At Newbridge Securities, our staff operates under the banner that “The broker is our customer.” Our operations, accounting, transition, supervision and compliance staff exist to help you run your business.
    • The Company’s executive management is always available to speak with you to ensure you are supported.