Newbridge Securities fully understands the need of its reps to transition their businesses to a new firm in a seamless manner. The Firm’s extensive platform of broad technology and integrated services, as well as the “rep is our customer” attitude, makes the Company’s transition team second to none in the independent brokerage community. Because the Firm realizes that in order for it to start a relationship with high levels of satisfaction, Newbridge Securities has invested in infrastructure and people to make the process flow efficiently.


Before a rep starts, in-depth training is provided to make sure that all systems are understood. The transition process is computerized to enable tracking of every detail from business cards and signage, to ACAT paperwork and new account forms. The Firm’s level of communication is highly efficient and Newbridge Securities earns constant compliments from the field for its flexibility and attention to details. In fact, before a rep is blended into the field at large, our transition specialists handle the new rep entirely for the first 90 days of association. From the top of the org chart to the bottom, every employee at Newbridge Securities is trained to provide optimal service to ALL reps at ALL times.


All forms are available for download directly by the rep and the Firm’s transition team is available to assist in the implementation of the paperwork needed to be completed. Specialists are often sent out to a location to give the reps the proper manpower and assistance. If you have multiple reps or even a large branch to manage, our team specializes in training your branch managers in supervision, your designated accounting person in payroll issues, and your technology person in systems set-up. Newbridge Securities leverages its brand by providing you with templates of marketing material, or if you prefer, the Firm enables you to set up your own DBA name.

Newbridge Securities focuses on providing professional service with an outstanding attitude to its reps during the transition process.