July 11, 2019 - 6:05 PM EDT
Intermap Technologies Announces $3.2 Million Government Task Order

Intermap Technologies Announces $3.2 Million Government Task Order

The Company's proprietary and pilot-operated multi-sensor platform will be used to penetrate dense tree canopy and reveal hidden features for infrastructure planning

The Company's patented IRISTM technology will fuse data from a wide variety of sensors, delivering a contiguous and seamless high-resolution model of the environment

Derivative applications to advance government objectives will include topographic and thematic mapping, and high-resolution quantitative models supporting various systems and applications

DENVER, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -Intermap Technologies ("Intermap" or the "Company"), a global leader in geospatial intelligence solutions, today announced that it has received a task order for $3.2 million to provide high-resolution terrain elevation models, related imagery, multi-sensor/multi-frequency source data and feature layer extraction for a government customer. In addition, the Company will deploy supervisors who will train, assist and monitor local personnel and operations. This is a continuation of Intermap's strategy of localizing its foreign operations to facilitate development and partnerships.

The Company will use its proprietary sensor platform to collect and combine high and low frequency radar, satellite and airborne-derived multi-spectral optical imagery and airborne LiDAR into an improved DEM for an area located under dense canopy in a cloud-covered region. Intermap is a world leader in special mission data collection, with decades of experience operating sensors efficiently and economically in austere terrain environments.

"Intermap's advanced platform allows reliable remote sensing for a wide range of geospatial applications, such as surveys for infrastructure, powerlines, transportation, communications, risk management, security and environmental damage assessment," commented Patrick A. Blott, Chairman and CEO of Intermap. "This continuing program for a sovereign client demonstrates our unique ability to fill gaps where single source data solutions, or satellite optical imagery alone, is often inadequate."

About Intermap Technologies
Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap (TSX: IMP) (ITMSF: BB) is a global leader in geospatial intelligence solutions. The Company's proprietary NEXTMap® database and value-added geospatial data management, processing, analytics, fusion and orthorectification software and solutions are utilized across a range of industries that rely on accurate, high-resolution elevation data, including aviation, engineering, environmental planning, government markets, hydrology, insurance, land management, law enforcement and patrol, oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications, transportation and utilities. Intermap's commercial applications include location-based intelligence, risk assessment, geographic information systems, global positioning systems and 3D visualization. For more information, please visit www.intermap.com.

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