Preparing the Information (Weeks 1 - 4)

  • Complete production of Virtual Data Room
  • Complete production of Marketing Materials
  • Identify and finalize list of potential investors

Market the Company (Weeks 4 - 10)

  • Begin outreach to potential investors / acquirers and distribute information memoranda
  • Follow-up, stress selling points, and express fit into investor’s / acquirer’s existing portfolio

Submission of Interim Proposals: (Weeks 10 - 13)

  • Solicit Indications of Interest (IOIs)
  • Receive written indications of interest, review and advise the owner on offers
  • Manage and organize initial investor / acquirer information requests
  • Move prospective investors / acquirers through the submission process in synchronicity
  • Schedule management meeting, while being selective and confidential

Due Diligence and Final Proposals: (Weeks 13 - 16)

  • Request final offers and review
  • Evaluate deal points including price, terms, and certainty of closure
  • Distribute draft agreements to team and seek input
  • Negotiate offers

Final Negotiation and Closing: (Weeks 16 - 25)

  • Select the best offer
  • Finalize definitive agreement
  • Work with management, management’s advisory staff, and investor / acquirer towards closing the transaction

Note: The duration of our M&A & Capital Raising timelines can lengthen or shorten given variances in the market, the attractiveness of the opportunity to investors / acquirers, and the availability of data to Newbridge.