March 18, 2019 - 11:09 AM EDT
Kaplan Early Learning Announces New Assessment Tool
Kaplan Early Learning Announces New Assessment Tool

LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten provides fast, easy and straightforward assessments

LEWISVILLE, N.C., March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaplan Early Learning Company announces the launch of the Learning Accomplishment Profile™ (LAP) Birth to Kindergarten assessment tool, providing educators with a faster, easier and more straightforward approach to early childhood assessments. 

"Educators often tell us assessments are time-consuming, difficult to understand and implement and make it nearly impossible to engage parents," said Laura Bailet, PhD, chief academic officer of Kaplan Early Learning Company. "The early education industry was ripe for a comprehensive, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand assessment to measure children ages birth to 72 months."

The LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten is a research-backed and criterion-referenced assessment instrument with a user-friendly interface and implementation time of less than 90 minutes. Assessing six domains—Gross Motor, Prewriting/Fine Motor, Cognitive, Language, Social-Emotional and Executive Function (new)—the instrument aligns to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Edited by distinguished researchers Craig T. Ramey, PhD; Sharon L. Ramey, PhD; and Nancy A. Crowell, PhD, the tool is proven and reliable, based on the data gained over 7 years of testing with 400,000 children—an unprecedented number.

Educators can assess, document and store skill progression in real time, allowing them to track progress between assessments and access notes stored online. Through easy-to-interpret data and an online catalog of custom lesson plans, the LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten helps educators link teaching and assessment to create a comprehensive learning trajectory for each child.

The tool's flexible reporting helps educators create parent-friendly reports to engage families in the process, helping them better understand how they can continue their children's learning at home.

"The LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten rounds out Kaplan Early Learning's strong portfolio of early childhood professional services, ranging from curriculum to assessment to professional learning," Bailet said.

The LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten Kit, containing a standardized set of the materials necessary to facilitate administration of the tool, is available for purchase separately. The assessment tool and kit are available for purchase now. To learn more or to schedule a training, visit

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