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Don Selkin, Newbridge Chief Market Strategist, has contributed to CNBC for 40+ years

Don Selkin, the innovator behind the "Fair Value" numbers, has been a trusted contributor to CNBC and its predecessor for over 40 years, consistently providing these numbers daily without fail. He has also supplied the fair value for Nasdaq 100 futures since 1996 and Dow Jones stock index futures since 1997. Quoted in prominent publications such as Bloomberg News, New York Post, Reuters, and The New York Times, Selkin's insights are highly regarded in the financial industry. His Fair Value numbers are featured in the U.S. Futures Report on CNBC every day before the market opens, with "Newbridge Securities" as the source. Additionally, Newbridge Securities offers in-depth access to Selkin's financial market views to its professionals, their clients, and the public.


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