February 20, 2019 - 10:00 AM EST
Shabbir Evershine Launches Startup to Reduce Homelessness in Toronto, Canada
Shabbir Evershine Launches Startup to Reduce Homelessness in Toronto, Canada

TORONTO, Feb. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Toronto has a major homelessness problem. Shabbir Evershine is attempting to solve it. His tech startup is combining data, research and statistics to map possible options that produce effective and efficient housing that in a win-win for the city and its most ignored citizens. His wife, Rashida Evershine is also part of the startup, and a major inspiration for Mr. Evershine.

Affordability is the most significant challenge in helping move people out of shelters. In 2016, more than 16,000 unique individuals used the City-administered emergency shelter system. Exacerbated by low vacancy rates (1.0 per cent) and a lack of new rental and affordable housing, Toronto faces a chronic housing problem – especially for those who cannot afford it. Worldwide, the number of refugees is on the rise as well and more and more people are seeking refugee claims in Canada, with Toronto being a popular destination.

Shabbir Evershine hails from Karachi, Pakistan and immigrated to Toronto, Canada where he worked for various Fortune 500 companies and startups. "Homelessness is personal to me," says Mr. Evershine, "While I have enjoyed a warm and loving home all my life, I know that it's not true for a lot of people. A roof over your head is more than semantics – it is the basis of your well-being and is a fundamental human right."

Another startup, RocketPMO, a project management consulting firm, was started by Shabbir Evershine in 2016 after he worked as a Project Management Offie (PMO) Director for many years. It recently received the "Best Startup in Management Consulting" award in 2019.

"Combating homelessness needs new solutions, a new approach, and technology to be effective," says Mr. Evershine. "It requires us to look at everything from new forms of micro-modular houses, financial incentives for builders, to reformed government policies."

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