August 19, 2019 - 3:30 AM EDT
Raiffeisenverband Südtirol Depends on Advisory Software From CREALOGIX
Raiffeisenverband Südtirol Depends on Advisory Software From CREALOGIX

LONDON, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CREALOGIX has successfully rolled out its Financial Advisory Workbench to the regional banks of Raiffeisen Landesbank Südtirol AG in the South Tyrol region. CREALOGIX's software will be used across its retail and private banking consulting service.


Raiffeisenverband Südtirol has a significant banking presence in and around the South Tyrol region of Italy with a balance sheet of 14.8 billion euros, 174 business outlets and 1,700 employees serving more than 71,000 members. Going forwards, 450 Raiffeisenkassen and Raiffeisen Landesbank Südtirol advisors will use the CREALOGIX Financial Advisory Workbench for investment advice in retail and private banking. The software supports and guides Raiffeisen customers along the entire advisory process via a user-friendly and well-structured interface.

With CREALOGIX's hybrid advisory solution, investment advisors develop strategic options for a client's asset allocation based on an analysis of existing assets, and a determination of the risk profile and required investment horizons. When providing advice – which can be done on a desktop PC, notebook or tablet – the client can interact with the software to easily understand the various aspects of their investment decision. They are directly involved in the advisory process.

CREALOGIX software enables an individualised consulting process

At Südtiroler Raiffeisenkassen, the multilingual solution can be used in a German, English and Italian language version. The CREALOGIX Financial Advisory Workbench increases the efficiency of customer advisory services in retail and private banking, and ensures a consistently high level of advice independent of the individual institution and consultant.

"The consulting software from CREALOGIX is very well thought-out and offers a lot of customisation options that allows us to tailor the solution entirely to our individual consulting processes," explains Johanna Cavosi, Raiffeisen Information System Department, IT Solutions Department at Raiffeisenverband Südtirol. "We were also convinced by the visually appealing implementation of the software, whether it was an analysis of the current financial situation or the presentation of individual investment scenarios."

MiFID II and IDD compliant advisory process

The CREALOGIX Financial Advisory Workbench, which was developed by CREALOGIX in collaboration with a consulting bank, has a modular structure and offers 360-degree analysis across investment, provision, hedging and, in the future, financing consulting. It enables customers to receive all-round advice. The software meets all the requirements of a MiFID II and IDD-compliant advisory process.


The CREALOGIX Group is a Swiss Fintech 100 company and is among the global market leaders in digital banking. CREALOGIX develops and implements innovative fintech solutions for the financial institutions of tomorrow. Using digital solutions from CREALOGIX, banks, wealth managers, and other financial institutions can better respond to evolving customer needs in the area of digital transformation, enabling them to hold their ground in a very demanding and dynamic market and remain ahead of their competitors. The group, founded in 1996, has more than 700 employees worldwide. The shares of CREALOGIX Group (CLXN) are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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