August 14, 2019 - 9:00 PM EDT
Jiangsu Bozhi Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd Inks MOU with Li Fang Accounting Solutions
Jiangsu Bozhi Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd Inks MOU with Li Fang Accounting Solutions

ZHEN JIANG CITY, China, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd is excited to announce that it signed an MOU with Jiangsu Bozhi Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd on 14th August, 2019. This partnership seeks to assist our potential client company to build and boost solid trust between them and their clients by promoting their efficiency. Our team of professionals will be at their very best to make every part of this partnership work. The signees to this collaboration are Mr. Zhengwei Pan, CEO, Jiangsu Bozhi Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd and CEO, Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd, Ms Qian Fang.

CEO of Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd, Ms Qian Fang on the left and CEO of Jiangsu Bozhi Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd, Mr. Zhengwei Pan on the right.

Before this news release, Ms Qian Fang (CEO, Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd) spoke extensively as she reinstated the points that will be highlighted in the partnership. In her speech, she described how Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd will make a creative difference and also made some future projections. She said "Since 2017, Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd has been at the forefront of lifting off the burden of rigorous accounting challenges from the shoulders of small and growing businesses. She further stated "We will not relent until we change the dynamics of accounting by introducing our sophisticated stand alone software to every small business we come across while ensuring affordability. Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd is taking the accounting industry by storm, we are working tirelessly to create a lasting brand for Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd so our competitors will model after us in the years to come".

Everyone knows the operational challenges small businesses face, having those burdens laid off them is where we step in. Li Fang Accounting Solutions plan to offer amazing value to all their existing and new clients, which include the following:

  • Time and financial management: Hiring accountants could be an expensive and daunting task but with our cloud based accounting software, time and money is saved. Getting the services of an accountant is approximately RMB200,000 - RMB300,000 annually, our software eliminates these costs and serves our clients in a more efficient stress free way.
  • Organized and automated accounting system: The era of having to stock large piles of accounting books in office cabinets are dead and gone. Our software is designed with 700+ integrations that will handle our client's inventory tracking, invoicing with speed and optimum accuracy.
  • Frustration with tax filing reduced: Filing business tax is difficult and inaccuracy can almost not be avoided but we will ensure that all of our client's business tax details are accurately managed with our tax return software. This allows for calculation of returns by itself semi-automatically.
  • Provision of accurate reports: With our software, we will supply member staff with accurate and timely financial information. Reports of cashflow for our client can be generated at any given time in a detailed and accurate form.

About Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd 

Founded in 2017, Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd is cloud – based accounting Software Company originally designed for startups and growing businesses with their company base in China. The past years have been a great ride as they are ahead of the race in the accounting software industry. They have proved to be the best accounting Solution Company with their complex accounting features, 700+ full integrations, ample reports and unlimited users. Having the mobility and modern UI of cloud-based software, Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd has distinguished itself and maintained a steady pace ahead of its competitors. One of the biggest feats achieved by Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd is the addition of a project management feature.

Over the years, Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd has taken giant strides in providing business owners with clear visibility of their position financially. They have also succeeded in connecting small businesses with reliable and trusted advisors. Their accounting features enable businesses to view their cash flows, account details and transactions from any given location. The future of accounting for small businesses surely lies in Li Fang Accounting Solutions Co. Ltd.


About Jiangsu Bozhi Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd

Founded in 2003, formerly known as Xuzhou Jianlian bidding agency co., LTD., it was renamed Jiangsu primus engineering consulting co., LTD in November 2007.

Company's main business: construction engineering cost consulting, project bidding and tendering agency, government procurement bidding agent, engineering project management, financial advisory, integrated application of BIM technology service and training, the PPP investment construction consulting, green building consulting, enterprise credit reporting service consulting, project investment advisory (prepare the project proposal, feasibility study, project technical consultation, engineering supervision, real estate price evaluation, etc.

Company currently has the class a qualification of construction engineering cost consulting, construction project bidding and tendering agent b qualification, government procurement bidding agent qualification class a qualification of building construction, engineering supervision, engineering supervision, municipal utilities grade b qualification, engineering consulting, real estate appraisal qualifications, enterprise credit registry for the record, such as qualification, Xuzhou region's leading comprehensive engineering consulting enterprise.


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