Newbridge Securities Corporation Features on its Platform Don Selkin, the Creator of “Fair Value” numbers included in the U.S. Futures Report on CNBC for Over 35 Years, as its Chief Market Strategist

Company Release - 12/11/2019 8:00 AM ET

Boca Raton, Florida, December 11, 2019 —Newbridge Securities Corporation ("NSC"), is featuring Don Selkin, the creator and innovator of the "Fair Value" numbers, as its Chief Market Strategist on its platform. Mr. Selkin has also been quoted in several publications including but not limited to Bloomberg News, New York Post, Reuters, and The New York Times. Mr. Selkin’s Fair Value numbers are included in the U.S. Futures Report broadcast on CNBC every day before the market opens attributing "Newbridge Securities" as the source. "It has been my pleasure to provide the ‘Fair Value’ information to the CNBC viewing public for all these years," said Donald Selkin. NSC provides to its professionals, their clients and the public access to Don Selkin’s more in depth financial market views.

"Seeing Don Selkin’s "Fair Value" numbers as part of the U.S. Futures Report airing on CNBC, occurring now for over 35 years without missing even 1 day, speaks to Don’s passion and commitment to give the investing public an understanding of the financial markets "Fair Value" before the U.S. market opens," said Thomas Casolaro, CEO, Newbridge Securities Corporation. "There are millions of investors around the world that rely on these numbers every morning. In addition, on the NSC web site,, we periodically provide his market commentary to the investing public. For our financial professionals and valued clients as well as the public, we are pleased to provide Mr. Selkin’s thoughts on the financial markets."

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Thomas Casolaro, CEO
Newbridge Securities Corporation